The sharing economy out of its bubble

Beyond Uber and Airbnb, the collaborative movement consolidates its model and begins to irrigate new areas.

“It’s like the Internet in 1993, when the creation of the Web. The sharing economy has already spawned some globalized giants whose public services have revolutionized the areas of accommodation and transport with Airbnb Uber BlaBlaCar or French. But this is a new mode of functioning of the economy that can potentially “disrupter” all sectors of activity almost, hence the current turmoil. “Cofounder Ouishare thinks tank that tracks and analyzes the transformations the economy in the age of “consumer activists” become both sellers and consumers of goods and especially services, Antonin Leonard believes that much remains to be invented in the economy of sharing. Review of new entrepreneurial trends but also societal and policies that will be highlighted and discussed at the Ouishare Fest, which begins Wednesday in Paris.

The collaborative version of “hyperlocal”

In addition to the large collaborative platforms that offer to exchange highly standardized services, many players think about social networks neighborhood where it would be possible to have access to a drill or a lawn mower for a few hours. A kind of Boncoin the rental or lending between individuals. It is the ambition of Mon p’ti neighborhood, which brought together over 4000 local networks. The opportunity to network and to share some very local events but also exchange services, tips or barter. By grouping with its neighbors, one of its users explains how she was able to save on delivery of oil.

In the US, the site Nextdoor already federates 53,000 micro-communities neighborhood on the same principle and can offer or seek services in their environment via a messaging system. Other sites like Sharevoisins, Stootie Ilokyou or riding the same trend of mutual aid and more or fewer market exchanges. “All these inspired site Facebook but in a very utilitarian fashion and proximity have not really an economic model, explains Antonin Leonard. But they are betting that if they can attract millions of users and to make themselves indispensable, they will find out a way to monetize their audience. ”

Sharing serving companies

How many square meters in unused offices or warehouses, unused machines in factories or to stationary construction machinery? After winning over individuals by offering both to supplement their monthly and access services at competitive prices, sharing economy has started to attack the company and “business to business” activities. “The next wave of booking platforms and online sharing concern the companies,” predicts the US investment bank Piper Jaffray in a recent report on the “business sharing”. Examples abound: the rental of offices or storage space offered by the US sites LiquidSpace or PivotDesk or the French Bureauxapartager to rentals of material and equipment, under-used in the construction or health, a start of string -up have already invested this new niche. Piper Jaffray even imagines that companies could one day share or exchange their employees. The platforms for the provision of consultants are already many in the US, where 40% of managers would, according to a recent report, working freelance in 2030.

Open source applied to physical assets

If the computer program code lines share a long time, sharing of patents for technologies on physical goods (frame and car engines, batteries, etc.) is still not widespread but is growing. “This is a more productive way to drive innovation and build ecosystems,” says Antonin Leonard, who predicts a radical change in the industrial logic of sharing era. Presented at the OuiShare Fest, the Poc21 initiative aims for its part to bring out 12 “open source” climate projects in view of the upcoming World Paris summit in December, dedicated to global warming.

Share the value generated by the platforms

This is to benefit the contributors, and not only investors and shareholders, recovery platforms they enrich by their activities. The US site dedicated to home Etsy creations (jewelry, crafts) has decided to distribute 5% of its shares to its most active users.

Personal Credit Card Debt – Don’t Let It Consume You Alive

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Personal bankruptcy Chapter 13 is a payback plan. It helps you to manage your financial woes so you may not only get back on the right track but also be able to pay back your own financial obligations while holding onto your personal property. It really is a marvelous option to losing everything you own plus worked hard for.

If you don’t bankruptcy do it yourself kits, your credit score can be prevented through declining. However, a credit card business will not eliminate your overall score at once. The loss within points will occur steadily. For instance, if you do not pay your own personal loan installment, a point is going to be deducted. There is a minimum rating required to attain each type of loan- homepage. For example, a rating of forty will be necessary to take a home loan worth 20 thousand dollars. This necessity is decided by the bank administration. For each late payment, a place will be deducted from your general score.

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Calling for Playwrights and Directors — Favourite Shorts

It’s time again to pull on your Favourite Shorts!

Are you a budding playwright or director? Or have you already blossomed, and want to keep on blooming? Then we want you!

The Armidale Drama and Musical Society is now calling for playwrights and directors for Favourite Shorts: a season of short plays. The season runs for two weeks, and is made up of two programs. The first week’s program will take place Thurs 19th, Fri 20th, Sat 21st of March, and the second program on Thurs 26th, Fri 27th, and Sat 28th of March. The venue at this point to TBC, but will be intimate and edgy.


We are looking for your best short plays (aprox. 5-15mins). Due to the specs of the performance space, the more minimalistic it is in terms of set and prop requirements, the better: chairs, a table – that’s about it. The smaller the cast, the better. We want great stories, short and sweet – not blockbuster epics!

No previous experience or qualifications necessary!

Scripts submitted for the 2014 season will not be eligible for submission.

Deadlines for submission of plays is 11:59pm on the 28th of November 2014 — so start submitting!  A short list will be made of the best entries, which will then be presented to the directors.


Again, no previous experience or qualifications necessary! In my role as Creative Director, I will be there to offer assistance to directors so that the plays that are performed for the public are the best that they can be!

As soon as the short list is made, all those who have formally expressed an interest to me in directing will be sent the plays. They will then chose what they want to direct — first in, best dressed!

Auditions will then be held on Sunday 14th of December 2014, so that scripts can be handed-out and rehearsal schedules drawn-up before people rush off for holidays.